BIG news | We Are Moving To…

Ahh!! This blog post has been a LONG time in the making and I have re-written it about 20 times!! But I can finally share our biggest news ever since I announced that I was pregnant (with Bryn)….


YES! We are moving to TEXAS ya’ll!!! I never imagined that one day we would plant southern roots for our family, but here we are!

As you can see from the photos below, this has been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster! But we are SO excited for the adventure that our family is about to embark on and we are grateful for this opportunity that God has provided for us.


In order to explain several aspects of the when, the why, and other miscellaneous questions, I thought a Q&A session would be the best way to structure this blog post. So here we go!

Why are you moving? My husband has been working with Master Networks for a few years. They are a nationwide networking and training company dedicated to assisting business professionals with their personal and professional development. He began his journey as the Chapter President of the Blue Bell Chapter, one of the first in the Philadelphia area.  He owned a real estate business with Keller Williams during that time but soon began to see the opportunities to help more people through Master Networks. In October of 2016, he accepted a full time role that took him for a tour up and down the east coast.  Since then he has worked with all of the regional leaders and members in those areas and across the country to assist in their leadership development.  Corey is also a Master Networks Certified Faculty member and trains on a local, regional and national level!

When Corey accepted the full time role last fall, we knew that there was a possibility of a move someday to the Dallas area, home of Master Networks headquarters. We just had no idea when a move could happen but I don’t think either of us expected it to be quite this soon! A couple months ago, Corey told me about an amazing opportunity that he may have but that it would require a move to Texas. We discussed it at length, we prayed about it A LOT, and we came to the conclusion that this is what God has been preparing us for. There have been several ‘signs’ from God that this is the path He wants for us. So more than any other reason, that is why we are moving. But I also could not be more proud of my husband. His hard work and passion for helping business owners has led to his transition into the COO position with Master Networks.  I am thrilled for him and happy to support him with this BIG move! I have always said that I didn’t want to live in Pennsylvania my whole life. I knew I didn’t particularly want to move north (not a fan of winter), but I didn’t know just how far south I (we) would end up!


When are you moving? We are putting our house on the market in just a couple of weeks. AHH! CRaaaziness! But because I have several weddings this Fall, we will not be moving until I am finished shooting them, which is towards the end of October. The move is likely to happen in November, pending the sale of our home. So if you are in the market for a two bedroom townhouse that is in a super convenient location near King of Prussia, with low H.O.A. fees, email me! 🙂 We are doing lots of updates including new carpet and new counter-top among many other things!

Below are just a few photos from when we were in Texas together last month. Was it hot?? HECK YEA! But it was also pretty awesome. The area we will be living in has a lot much to offer and we are so excited for the opportunities our family will have by living there!:)


Will you still be doing photography? Absolutely!! Well, eventually. 🙂 It is in my blood. It is a big part of who I am. I need that creative outlet and I love connecting with people through photography. But at the same time, my number one goal for this Fall is to prepare for the move, shoot my weddings, edit and deliver those weddings as quickly as I possibly can (asking for a little grace and patience from my couples), spend as much quality time with our family and close friends as possible, and move! So because of this, I will not be taking on any new portrait work beyond August. This means no Fall family sessions this year. SO sorry guys!! 🙁 My recommendation would be to get them done by my AMAZINGLY talented friend Olivia of Laura Olivia Photography. She is the sweetest gal ever! You will LOVE her!! Also, if you are engaged and looking for a photographer, please still reach out to me!! I have a list of several incredible local wedding photographers that have become dear friends and I would just love to give you their information!

Once we get to Texas, my biggest priority will be adjusting to our new environment and getting Bryn acclimated. It is going to be a life changing event for all of us. But for Bryn being only 3 years old, this will be the biggest change for her. Her little world will be turned upside down. Although we are going to do our best to make this SO much fun for her, she will likely take some time to adjust to all of these changes. But thankfully she is only 3 years old and if we are ever going to pick up and move across the country, I am thankful she is so young. Once we have a routine established and I get the itch to start shooting again, I will begin photographing families and possibly one day shoot weddings again. I am sure Texas throws some incredible weddings!!

I have SO much business stuff to think about over the next few months. For instance, do I keep my website?! AHH all of that hard work designing it and it breaks my heart to disable it! But at this time I think I am going to be shutting it down at the end of this month. 🙁 However I will keep my Facebook page , Instagram , and this blog active. Be sure to keep following me for updates! I hope to blog about our journey and adventures of moving once I get my life together in our new state!! Also, if I decide to do a mini session day on a trip to PA, I will be posting it on Facebook.


I have a ZENFOLIO client gallery with you, will that be deactivated? Nope! Your gallery will remain ‘live’ indefinitely. If that will ever be changing, I will be sure to let you know well in advance! No worries!!

Will you do photography in PA when you visit? Occasionally! Our families are supportive of our decision, but they are also definitely very sad to see us leave. So when we visit, we will be spending most of our time with them and our close friends. However, I am open to doing a few mini sessions for a day when we visit if time allows. I have so many clients that have come to me year after year that I would LOVE to be able to capture again when I can!


Where in Texas will you be moving? While we do not have a house yet, we will likely end up in the McKinney / Prosper area. It is just a bit north of Dallas. Corey will fly down in October to find our home. We actually did a lot of scoping out of the area last month together and have a pretty good idea of where we want to live! The communities down there are INCREDIBLE! Can’t wait!!


What will you miss most about PA? Oh gosh. I feel like that is hard to answer at this point besides the obvious. We will miss our family and close friends so dearly. I am going to miss my best friend who has become more like a sister to me than I could have ever imagined possible. I will miss seeing Bryn with her wonderful grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. She is such a loving little girl and I know being so far away from them will be quite an adjustment for her (and them). I am SO thankful that we have lived so close to our family for our whole lives together and especially these past 3 years with Bryn. Our family has spent a lot of time with her and established close bonds that I know will stick with her even though we may be far in distance. The great part about moving far away in this day in age is technology. I expect there will be so many face-time and Skype chats with our loved ones.

I will miss Fall a lot. There is something so refreshing about the changing of the air to a cool crisp breeze, pumpkin everything, sweatshirt weather, and the beautiful colored leaves. I am sure I am going to love being able to have more days in flip flops, but I think Fall will be the season that I will miss most of all.

I am sure there are a thousand other things I will miss about PA that I won’t even be able to think of until we move and I miss them. But I know there will be new things that I will love about our new state that I could never do here that I am really excited to experience. However if allllll the tarantulas could stay far far FAR away from me, that would be awesome. Ew. I.Can’t.EVEN.


Finally (for those of you who are still reading this)……… THANK YOU!! Just. Thank you. I want to conclude this stupidly long blog post by saying a HUGE THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart to each and every one of my clients. Looking back over the last nearly 6 years of being a photographer brings tears to my eyes and joy in my heart. I never dreamed that I would do this for a living, but I am so happy that God has blessed me in the way He has over the last several years. Being a wedding + portrait photographer is a very unique profession. Most people dislike getting their photos taken in general, so to have a complete stranger in front of them with a camera can be somewhat daunting. Trust me, I get it! I am also not the type of photographer that poses you and then asks you to just smile at me. I like to evoke emotion and capture moments of joy and intimate feelings. I have photographed a birth (wow), well over 100 weddings and engagement sessions, hundreds of families, 50+ newborns, and so much more. You didn’t just pay me for a service, you allowed me to capture your joy, your loved ones, and your most precious memories. You have opened up to me within a matter of minutes of meeting me. That is truly amazing and I am SO blessed to have had the chance to work with you and so many incredible people. I am humbled by all of you and your kind words that you have said to me over the years. Thank you. It means the world to me.

So that is it! That is the big news that I have been keeping private for the last couple of months. If you are the praying type, please keep our family in your prayers. We are working hard on getting our house ready to sell, I am heading into a busy wedding season come September, and we are about to move over a thousand miles away from the only home I have ever known. While we are thrilled for the opportunity, it is going to be a roller coaster of emotions for many of us and your prayers would mean the world. Pray we can sell our house and move in the time frame that we are hoping for. Pray that our 21+ hour drive/move to Texas goes as smoothly as possible with two dogs and a toddler. 🙂 We appreciate it SO much!

Please feel free to reach out to me via email with any comments, questions, or concerns! !



S O C I A L   M E D I A