Dear Daughter | On your 2nd Birthday…

My sweetest girl,

Today you turn 2 years old. TWO. I can’t believe it. Before I became your mom, every parent would say to me, “once you have kids time flies by.” Those words are the truest words ever spoken. I feel like it was just yesterday that I laid my eyes on your beautiful face for the first time.

In just two short years you have grown up SO much. You amaze your Dad and I every day with your comedic personality, your sharp mind, and your gentle heart.

I pray that you always know just how much Daddy and I LOVE you. You are our world and no matter what happens in your life, we will ALWAYS be here for you and will support you. Sometimes I want to put you in a bubble to protect you from any physical and emotional wounds that you may experience one day. The world we live in is a scary place right now. But unfortunately they make no such bubble. I know I need to walk the thin line of protecting you from the world and exposing you to it. As your Mommy, that is a hard pill to swallow. I won’t always be able to protect you from heartache or pain that you will encounter, but I will ALWAYS be here to mend your wounds.

I love that I now live life through your pure + innocent eyes. You see the joy in everything. You get SO happy when you spot any animal, even a tiny caterpillar! You squeal with delight when you taste ice cream or when you set foot in the cold water of your baby pool. You can’t wait to get home from an errand to kiss and hug your puppies even though you just saw them an hour ago. You would hold me and snuggle me all day long if you could… even while I am driving as you now always ask me… “Mommy I hold you!”  Your eyes light up when you see a straw at a restaurant that you can unwrap! You think that a rainy day is the best day every because it is like a huge sprinkler that you can dance in! From the simple everyday things to the big events, you find the joy in them all. I pray that you always keep that sense of finding the good in everyone and everything. You are the greatest gift that I have ever been given and treasure every moment I spend with you. I am so grateful that God chose your Dad and I as your parents.

Happiest of birthdays my precious girl. I am SO excited to see what this next year holds for you. You are going to do great things in your life, I just know it!

Love you to the moon and back and more than all the stars in the sky!



2 years ago you joined our family, making it the best day of our lives.

2016-06-07_00012016-06-07_00022016-06-07_00032016-06-07_0033One year ago… You still looked like a baby.2016-06-07_00042016-06-07_0005Today… What a big girl! As you can see from these photos, at only 2 years old, you have quite a personality!!2016-06-07_00062016-06-07_0007“Here ya go Mom!”2016-06-07_0008Hmmmm… soooooo….2016-06-07_00092016-06-07_00102016-06-07_00112016-06-07_0012You often sit like this… my tiny froggy. 🙂2016-06-07_00132016-06-07_00142016-06-07_0015I have a feeling that I will be seeing a lot more of this, ‘are we done yet’ face in the coming years!2016-06-07_00162016-06-07_0017Who needs toys when you have rocks to play with? You are your Daddy’s girl!2016-06-07_00182016-06-07_00192016-06-07_00202016-06-07_00212016-06-07_00222016-06-07_0023Here it is… you have always had the very best smile and when I capture that true ‘Bryn smile’, my heart does a happy dance!2016-06-07_00242016-06-07_00252016-06-07_0026I put the ‘Gymbo’ song on from your Gymboree class which is what got you to dance. Here you are doing ‘peek-a-boo’!2016-06-07_00272016-06-07_0028“Blow kisses Mommy!”2016-06-07_0029You were pretending to sleep during the ‘sleep’ part of the Gymbo song. This is one of my favorite photos of you.2016-06-07_00302016-06-07_0031Such a good dancer! You get that from me… 😉 Just kidding.2016-06-07_0032

Sandy SgroJune 9, 2016 - 12:53 pm

Amazing photographs! The letter is something that Bryn will treasure forever.

S O C I A L   M E D I A