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Last Tuesday at 6:28 pm, I witnessed and captured a miracle.

A little background… Brown and I went to the same high school. He is a few years older than I am and if you were to tell me in high school that one day I would photograph the birth of his third child, I would have thought you were totally insane. However through the beauty of Facebook, his wife and I connected a few years ago. She is a beautiful mom, model, and photographer! I photographed their family just after their second child, Liam was born a couple of years ago. It is always a ‘someone pinch me’ moment for me when I get the opportunity to photograph a special time in someone’s life that I have known for so long.

Brown asked me a few months ago about doing a maternity session for them. The timing for that didn’t end up working out, but when Stephanie asked me if I had any interest in doing birth photography for their third child, I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. Photographing a birth is something that I have only wanted to do since giving birth to Bryn just over 2 years ago. Before that moment, I was PETRIFIED of birth. I would tell everyone that I was birth-a-phobic! Honestly… I thought I would just die in the hospital bed as I was giving birth, that is how scared I was of it!! So when that didn’t happen (Thank GOD), I could appreciate what an amazing miracle it truly is.

Ever since then, I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along to photograph a birth. I love telling stories through photographs and what better story to tell than this one? The story of a husband supporting his wife in any way that he can as she experiences the pain and the roller coaster of emotions as she delivers their baby. The story of siblings meeting for the first time. There is no more emotional or engaging story than the story of a birth.

I got a text from Stephanie at 2:03pm on Tuesday that said, her ultrasound that morning showed that her fluid was a little low and they wanted her to head to the hospital to have the baby. I arrived at the hospital close to 5:00pm and found Stephanie and Brown walking the halls. I know Stephanie is a model, but Dear Lord this woman looked incredible just an hour and 28 minutes prior to giving birth! Actually who am I kidding, she looked incredible the entire time! 🙂 Soon after I arrived, the doctor came in and broke her water. Ouuucccchhhh! Not gonna lie, I had some sympathy pain happening at this point.. He then told her to walk the halls if she felt up to it. A little after 6:00 she and Brown took to the halls and she was smiling and of course looking amazing in between contractions when she would just hold on to Brown and breath through it. At 6:20 she was texting the sitter. At 6:22, she was screaming for a nurse to help her back to the room, something was happening. As soon as she got back to the room, the nurses could tell that this was not just a bad contraction, this was the real deal. The doctor came in immediately and not even two pushes later, Oliver Price Vincent was born at 6:28pm!! To say that everyone was in shock and that it was totally chaotic would be an understatement! I remember the look of shock and awe on Brown’s face as he held Stephanie’s hand. He was her rock. I was in a state of shock myself that this was happening so quickly but I think I was in ‘work mode’ and just focused on what I was there to do and that was to capture this little guy’s birth. Oh and I didn’t mention that Steph did not have any drugs… Yea so she is pretty much a rock star and deserves a really amazing push present…Brown… 😉

The whole experience was just incredible. It is really something special to witness a birth. One second he is safely inside his mommy’s belly and the next second he is out in the world… Breathing the same air as we are, looking his parent’s faces, hearing their voices, sucking his tiny fingers, and probably wondering what the heck is this lady doing here with this huge camera in his face…

Stephanie and Brown, I cannot thank you enough for trusting me to capture Oliver’s birth. It was an incredible experience for me and one that I will never forget. I hope that you can show him this photos one day and he will understand why he may have the nickname of ‘bullet’. 🙂 You are such incredible parents and Emma, Liam, and Oliver are truly blessed.


Here is the visual story of Oliver Price Vincent’s arrival…





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